Current Rates

Conventional fixed-rate mortgages

Term Rate APR
30-year fixed 3.125% 3.193%
20-year fixed 2.990% 3.086%
15-year fixed 2.625% 2.748%
10-year fixed 2.500% 2.68%

Adjustable-rate mortgages

Term Rate APR
10-year ARM 4.250% 3.797%
5-year ARM 3.625% 3.204%
3-year ARM 4.500% 3.356%

FHA mortgages

Term Rate APR
30-year fixed – FHA 3.250% 4.31%
15-year fixed – FHA 3.375% 4.457%

VA mortgages

Term Rate APR
30-year fixed – VA 3.250% 3.502%
15-year fixed – VA 3.375% 3.836%

Jumbo mortgages

Term Rate APR
30-year fixed – jumbo 3.500% 3.57%
20-year fixed – jumbo 3.500% 3.598%
15-year fixed – jumbo 3.375% 3.501%

All loans are subject to credit approval. Loan rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Your actual loan rate may vary from the rates shown and will be based on an evaluation of your credit profile. These mortgage interest rates assume a few things about you – for example, you have very good credit (a FICO credit score of 740+) and that you’re buying a single-family home as your primary residence.

Mortgage discount points are not factored into these rates. If you decide to purchase points at closing, your interest rate may be lower than the rates shown here.

Rate vs. APR

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) represents the true yearly cost of your loan, including any fees or costs in addition to the actual interest you pay to the lender. That’s why a mortgage APR is typically higher than the interest rate – and why it’s such an important number when comparing loan offers.

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