Our Process

CU Lending Process

At CU Lending, credit unions are in charge of the loan process, while we operate in the background through each step of the process.

We Handle the Marketing

  • We market to your membership for you
  • We use many several effective marketing techniques that get results!

The Calls go directly to you

  • Your credit union takes the marketing calls from your members because you are familiar with them and they are familiar with you.
  • Then, you use our application process to ask the right questions to collect the lead information needed to help them find the right loan

Quote the Rate

  • Your staff then Quotes the Rate using our easy online rate sheet

Take the Application

  • When the member likes the rate and terms, the staff member takes the loan application
    • If the member is not ready to take an application, the lead is transferred electronically to CU Lending and we follow up with that member for you! Once the member wants to apply, the credit union then takes application

We ensure compliance standards are maintained

  • Loan disclosures are sent to your member by CU Lending and to you so that you have a copy of the disclosures for auditing purposes

We Contact the Member

  • Once the application taken, or the member is interested in more information, we step in to the proces. CU Lending is introduced as the processing/pre-underwriting team for your credit union, working to provide these services for you
  • We then collect the loan paperwork from the member

Cu Lending Processes and Pre-underwrites the Loan

  • Once all of the necessary loan documents and disclosures are obtained from the member, the loan is processed and pre-underwritten

You get all the Credit for the Approval

  • Upon approval, we send you the approval so that you can deliver the good news to your member!

You Always Have First Right of Refusal

  • CU Lending offers all credit unions full First Right of Refusal (FRR) on every loan we process and pre-underwrite on behalf of your membership

CU Lending Funds the Loan

  • Once the conditions are collected and met, we draw the docs and coordinate the document signing with the title company
  • Once signed, either you or we fund the loan!

We send the Appraisal, Credit and a Thank You Letter from You

  • We send your member their appraisal; their credit and a thank you letter on your behalf at the close of escrow, thanking them for using your credit union and your mortgage services!
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